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Online booking system

Online booking system

The online booking system for hotels, excursions, transfers and other additional services, presented on the website, allows you to make an order - a request made on the website by the User for booking the above services.
The information in our booking system can be changed or supplemented at any time, in this regard, it will be relevant only at the time of its issuance (display) in response to the corresponding request of the User.
It is assumed that he will use it online on an "as is" basis.

All legal relations between VEDI TOURGROUP s.r.o. with the sending partner, including possible penalties arising, are regulated by the "Agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism" signed by both parties.

Our "Online Booking System" allows you to book only one room at a time. This means that if, for example, you need to book two DBLs, then you need to make two reservations for 2 people. If you book a hotel for 4 people, the system will show the possible options for booking a four-bed room.
All additional services (ordering flowers, wine, tickets to a theater or a concert, etc., you can send for booking by filling out the "Message on request" section).

We kindly ask you not to duplicate your order. We reserve the right to cancel such orders.
After confirming the booking request, you can download the "INVOICE for payment of the application" with the payment terms indicated in it, which can be paid in one of the following ways:

- by wire transfer
- by bank card MASTER CARD / VISA (additional operating costs for the payer are possible).
- in cash at our office

You can download the "Voucher for a confirmed application" only after you agree on the terms of payment / prepayment.

An order is considered canceled in our online system only after it has been assigned the "Cancellation" status in the "Application history" section in your personal account.

Pay attention to important information!


- On the day of arrival / departure of tourists to / from the Czech Republic (s), we do not recommend booking an excursion.
- Be careful when choosing an excursion! Do not book the tour for the same day and time.
- Do not forget to warn tourists about the presence of a passport and medical insurance when visiting an excursion.
- If the excursion is late for more than 5 minutes, the money will not be returned and no claims will be accepted.
- The company reserves the right to change excursions to equivalent ones and change the order of their conduct.
- The company is not responsible for possible changes and cancellation of the excursion due to bad weather conditions and other force majeure circumstances.
- You can make changes to the order 3 days before the provision of the service. All changes made in less than 3 days are provided on request only. If canceled in less than 3 days - 24 hours, the penalty is 50% of the cost of the service, if canceled 24 hours before the date of the service (excursion), the penalty is 100% of the cost of the service.


Waiting time at the airport:
- up to 2 hours from the moment the plane lands from the scheduled time for applications for medical resorts in the Czech Republic.
- 1 hour 15 minutes from the moment the plane lands from the scheduled time for applications to Prague.
- on request for applications to other regions of the Czech Republic
- The company reserves the right to cancel or request an additional transfer fee in case of a flight delay of 1 hour or more for applications for medical resorts in the Czech Republic.
- In case of group transfers for clients to (from) resorts (s): Marianske Lazne / Frantiskovy Lazne / Jachymov, the company reserves the right to be combined with group transfers to (from) Karlovy Vary with a priority check-in to Karlovy Vary.
- The maximum possible delay of a group transfer upon departure to the airport (to the railway station) is no more than 15 minutes.
- The client's phone number, which you indicate when booking a transfer, must work at the time of the transfer (for the case of the necessary communication between the driver and the client).
- You can make changes to the order 3 days before the provision of transport services.
- All changes made in less than 3 days are provided on request only. If canceled less than 24 hours before the date of the transfer, the penalty is 100% of the transfer cost.


Any changes in the hotel booking order: the number of guests, accommodation dates, arrival / departure dates, type of accommodation, name and surname of the client, etc. significant changes are possible only by placing a new order and canceling an earlier one.

In 2022, every tourist over the age of 18 will pay a city tax at the hotel reception. 

The amount of city tax is :

Prague - 50 CZK/person/night ( about 2 €)

Mariánské Lázně - 50 CZK/person/night (about 2 EUR)

Františkovy Lázně - 50 CZK per person / night (about 2 EUR)

Karlovy Vary - 35 CZK per person / night ( about 1,5 EUR)

Poděbrady - 35 CZK/person/night ( 1.5 EUR)

Jachymov - 35 CZK/person/night ( 1.5 EUR)

Penalties for cancellation of a hotel / sanatorium reservation in the amount of 100%, as a rule, are:

in Prague - for individual booking (from 1 to 4 people) - 3 days before arrival, (from 5 to 9 people) - 7 days before arrival, in case of group (from 10 to people and above) - 30 days before before arrival.
at health resorts - 15 days before arrival.
During the New Year, Christmas and May holidays, these terms can be changed.

Check the terms of cancellation of the reservation before its final confirmation!

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