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Poděbrady is an old-time historic town situated in the fertile valley of the Labe River only 50 kilometres from Prague. This spa resort was founded as far back as the 17th century. The relatively low altitude (189 metres above sea level), surrounding plain landscape, stable weather for the whole year and mineral springs are all features that guarantee the fame of this spa resort for patients suffering from cardio-vascular diseases. The idyllic countryside of Poděbrady attracts the sanatorium’s patients as well as hiking or cycling lovers. Moreover, thanks to its strategic location, the Poděbrady spa is a perfect place to hold a conference or a congress.

Natural healing resources

Natural strongly mineralized water (pH 5.83) of a bicarbonate-chloride-sodium-calcium type, cold (14°C), hypotonic with an increased content of alkalis and concentration of some elements.

Therapeutic indications

  • circulatory system diseases,
  • cardiovascular diseases.
  • endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases,
  • neurological diseases and musculoskeletal diseases.



  • acute neuralgia and radiculopathy
  • acute inflammation
  • application to the gonads , chest , neck and head
  • febrile states
  • pregnancy
  • cardiovascular disease
  • pacemaker
  • metal implants
  • the risk of bleeding - menstruation , bleeding tissue , peptic ulcers
  • patients undergoing X-ray therapy
  • disturbed sensation
  • disturbances of consciousness and mental disorders
  • TBC
  • severe peripheral arterial perfusion
  • hrombophlebitis and thrombosis

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