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Mysterious woods, ragged valleys, mountain streams, plateaus decorated with peaks of the Ore Mountains: all of these sights emphasise the dreamy magic of Jáchymov. However, the biggest treasure is hidden in the deep underground. Unique curative springs rise from there and bring health to many people. There is no other spa resort in the world with such developed and effective treatment using radon water as here in Jáchymov. It is based on the respected methods of famous Czech rehabilitation, a world-unique concentration of radon and the individual approach of local physicians. Moreover, the spa resort radiates a kindly atmosphere, peace and calmness. Baths in thermal water with a high content of radon are used for the Jáchymov treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases. Radon is a source of soft alpha radiation which relieves pain, improves the flexibility of joints, blood perfusion and healing, stimulates the regeneration of tissues of the musculoskeletal system, harmonizes vegetative functions, positively affects values of blood pressure and strengthens the immunity of the organism when a whole-body and indicated therapy is applied.

Natural healing resources

Thermal radon water – with the highest radon concentration per one litre – Běhounek, Agricola, Curie and C1 springs.


The Jáchymov spa offers a unique treatment of the locomotor system with the help of radon-rich mineral water.. The spa treatment helps with:

  • joint disorders
  • diseases of the peripheral nervous system and of the spine
  • with skin diseases
  • it improves conditions with diseases such as diabetes or gout
  • after traumatic incidences and with post-operational conditions
  • We are specialists in treating the Bechterew’s disease


An individual treatment schedule will be prepared for you based on the entrance examination and your present health condition.

An inseparable part of your spa treatment is a diverse offer of meals, including the possibility of selecting an individual dietary menu with the help of the nutritional therapist.

he complex spa treatment conducted in this manner ensures a meaningful relief of health difficulties during the following months, a reduction in required medication treatment and an improvement of the quality of life for a period of up to one year.


  • acute infectional diseases
  • active T.B.
  • severe cardiomalacia
  • acute and subacute psychogenic diseases
  • pregnant women (for them any spa therapy is not suitable)
  • certain restrictions apply for children and the adolescents
  • patients with the Thyroid Gland Hyperfunction
  • patients within 2 years after a tumor surgery or therapy


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