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Sarvar is a wonderful place for the treatment of various ailments and recreation for the whole family.
All conditions for family recreation have been created here: 500 metres from the town centre, in a picturesque forest park zone, there is a therapeutic spa with a large aqua park. Children will be delighted with swimming pools, slides and other water entertainments, and adults can take care not only of their health, but also of their beauty by undergoing tightening, anti-cellulite and SPA procedures.

Natural and climatic factors:
The town of Szarvar is located in the north-west of Hungary, on the banks of the Raba River. The resort is very popular due to the presence of two therapeutic thermal springs. The first of them (with a temperature of +83°C) rises to the surface from a depth of 2000 metres. This water contains sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromine, fluorine and a large number of biologically active elements. The medicinal water of this spring helps people suffering from sclerosis, rheumatic diseases, deformities and gynaecological problems. In addition, salt is extracted here - the famous "Charvara crystal". Salt baths using this salt have a favourable effect on abdominal pain, some forms of infertility and other diseases.

The second Sharvara spring (with a temperature of +43°C) rises to the surface from a depth of 1,200 metres. It is particularly suitable for rehabilitation treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Regular bathing in the therapeutic water helps to relax the muscles, while the steam rising from the surface of the water has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.
In addition, the Šarvár Spa has a salt cave whose microclimate is particularly effective for the treatment of chronic inflammations of the respiratory system and asthma.

Indications for treatment:

- Chronic and degenerative diseases of the spine and joints;
- chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
- spasms, cramps;
- sprains of muscles, joints;
- rehabilitation after sports injuries, accidents;
- neuralgia, rehabilitation after neurosurgical operations;
- rehabilitation after orthopaedic and rheumatic operations;
- chronic pulmonary diseases, rehabilitation after acute lung inflammation;
- gynaecological inflammatory diseases and some forms of infertility.

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